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Trine Vallevik Håbjørg

Råsalt - indepandent filmmaker

Råsalt as - “Deadweight”, animated short doc (wip) 

Direction and screenplay Øyvind Tangseth

* Technique: 2D computer (TVPaint)

Råsalt as - “Matthew” (2023) animated short doc (09.45 min)

Direction, screenplay, design and animation by Trine V Håbjørg

* Technique: 2D computer (TVPaint)


Tagline as - “This is Katharine” (2022) animated short (15 min)

Direction and screenplay Ida Eldøen

* animation, Technique: Cut Out/TVPaint sequences


Bautafilm as - “Nordlys/Goeksegh” (2021) animated sami shortfilm for children (6 min)

Direction and screenplay Oskar Östergren Njajta. Produced by Therese Högberg and Merete Korsberg

* lay-out, animatic, animation, supervising and comp by Råsalt. After Effects. Technique: 2D computer (TVPaint) 

Fabelfjord as - Rudy and the lightning monster (2019) animated short for children (8 min)

Direction, screenplay and design by Endre Skandfer. Produced by Merete Korsberg.

* 2D animation (tv-paint) by Råsalt

Råsalt - director, animator, illustrator

* 2D animated films and illustrations for Ndla (Norsk digital læringsarena) (2018-2022)

* Hjem/Home" animated shortdoc in development. (2018)

* "The Norwegian Band Federation" - 2D animation (tv paint) ommissioned  film (3 min) 100 years anniversaries in 2018. (2017)

* "Forført av spriten" - Commisioned stop motion intro for documentary serie about women and alcohol abuse. Production company: Fenris film (2017)

* "Karin & Laura" - script-development, characterdesign and animation tests for children tv-serie in development. (2016)

* "The captain, the pilot and the fish" script development for animated shortfilm for children. (2016)

Råsalt - “When I hear the birds sing” (2016) animated shortdocumentary (7min)

*Direction, screenplay, design and animation by Trine V Håbjørg .

Technique: drawn animation in TVPaint.


International Trick Filmfestival, Stuttgart 2017:
*Best Childrens Film
The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival 2017:
*Heiderleg omtale (Honorable mention)
New York International Childrens Film Festival 2017: 
*The jury award for best animated short
Chicago International Childrens Film Festival 2016: 
*The Liv Ullmann Peace Prize, 
*Youth Jury Prize—Animated Short Film
*The Adult Jury price 2nd Prize, Animated Short Film


*Animateka International Animated Film Festival, Ljubljana, Slovenia (2017)

*Ajyal Youth Film Festival, Doha, Qatar, (2017) 

*Brest Short Film Festival, France (2017)

*The Network of Heritage Towns in Colombia, Screenings in 17 towns in Colombia, okt-des 2017

*Dok Leipzig festival, Germany (2016) 

*Nordisk Panorama, New Nordic Voice, Malmö, Sweden, (2017)

*EIDF Documentary Festival, South Korea (2017)

*Sarajevo Film Festival, Bosnia-Herzegovina (2017)

*El festival Internacional de Cine para Ninos, Mexico (2017)

*17. Festival Internacional de Cine de Derechos Humanos, Argentina (2017)

*Verdens beste - Tromsø childrens filmfestival, Norway (2017)

*Animafest Zagreb, Croatia (2017)

*International Shortfilm festival Oberhausen, Germany (2017)

*Nordic/Docs, Fredrikstad, Norway (2017)

*Stuttgart International Festival of Animated Film, Germany (2017) 

*The Norwegian Documentary Film Festival (2017)

*Kristiansand International Children's Film Festival, Norway (2017)

*Nashville Film Festival, USA (2017)

*Eurodok - European Documentary Film Festival, Norway (2017) 

*Ambulante Film Festival , Mexico (2017)

*BUFF International Children and Young People's Film Festival, Sweden (2017) 

*Tricky Women International Animation Film Festival, Austria (2017)

*Thessaloniki International Documentary Film Festival, Greece (2017)

*New York International Children's Film Festival, USA (2017)

*Poznan International Young Audience Film Festival Ale Kino!, Poland (2016)

*IDFA - International Documentary Film Festival Amsterdam (2016)

*Fredrikstad Animation Festival (2016) 

*Chicago International Children's Film Festival (2016)

*Bergen International Filmfestival BIFF (2016)

*The Norwegian Short Film Festival (2016) 

Aldeles - “The Captain, the Pilot and the Singer” (2014) animated shortfilm for children (7min).

Direction, screenplay, design and animation by Øyvind Tangseth 

*animation and back ground design, Technique: drawn animation (TVPaint). Produced by: Turid Rogne (2014)

Freelance multimedia - (2011-2012)

* Development of short “When I hear the birds sing” - Development producer Elin Andersson, Agitator

* Development of screenplay for tv-serie children “Boye and Ibipipps great small world” 

* Graphic work,  illustration, photography. Customers: Sognaqua, Barnas kulturhus, Gabrielle Barth

Kool Productions - “Sunshine Kathy”, tv-serie for children

*animation 10 episodes à 7 min. Technique: digital cut-out (2010-2011) Director Frank Mosvold

Maternity leave2010-2011

Freelance multimedia - (2007-2010)

* Graphic work,  illustration, photography. Customers: Papirarkivet AS, Vestby naturvernforbund, Animalia, (Nortura), Nofima, Matforsk, E6 Østfold Medieverksted. 

* Animationwork in Flash. Customers: Matforsk, Spenst,

* Animated musicvideofor the rockband EPA. drawn animation on paper & pixellasjon and co-direction with Eirin Haandegaard. (2006) 

* Other: trainer of animation workshops

Maternity leave - 2006-2007

E6 Østfold Medieverksted - (jan 2005-june 2006)

* project leader, animator and trainer in animation

Freelance multimedia - (2004)

* Graphic work,  illustrations, photography. Customers: Det Norske Samlaget, Damm forlag, Gyldendal forlag, Genesis forlag, Unipub forlag, Cappelen forlag, Tiden Norsk forlag and Aschehoug forlag. 

* Animationwork:

- Via Mars (flash animations for the Art Nouveau Museum in Ålesund)

- 1 min drawn animation on paper for the feature film "Chlorox, ammonia and coffee". Directed by Mona Hoel. 

Maternity leave - 2003-2004

Freelance multimedia (aug 1999-mai 2003)

* “Room for two” - direction, script, animation and design on paper cut-out film, 5 min. Produced by Mona Bentzen, Atelier Nord 2000


*Fredrikstad Animation festival (2001)

and part of the art installation project  "You are here" at Fredrikstad Animation Festival (2021)

* design and animation for Flashfilms. Customers: Mølla kompetansesenter 

* design and illustration for bookcovers - Customers: Det Norske Samlaget, Damm forlag, Gyldendal forlag, Genesis forlag, Unipub forlag, Cappelen forlag, Tiden Norsk forlag and Aschehoug forlag. 

* Other customers for photography and illustration: Mesén, designer Terese Moe Leiner, UDI, Mølla kompetansesenter. 

designer Camilla Sletten, designer Lillian Korstad, musician Kouame Gerard Sereba and Lydbokforlaget.

Høgskolen i Volda - shortfilms "One morning" and “Delta”

* “One morning” - script, direction, design and animation, Technique: paper cut-out, 5 min (1999)


*The Norwegian Shortfilm festival (2000)

*Fredrikstad Animation festival (2000)

*Black Nights Film Festival (2000)

Award: "Director of another reality" at Black Nights Filmfestival.

Mikrofilm as - shortfilm "Mother said" (Sa mor) (1999)

Set design for "Mother said" (2 min) based upon poem by Hal Sirowitz. Directed by Lise Fearnley and Kajsa Næss.

* “Delta” - co-script, co-direction and co-animation, Technique: stop motion, 7 min. (1998)


*Fredrikstad Animation festival (1999)

*Matita Filmfestival (2000)

Award: Honorable mention at Matita Filmfestival

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