Crew and financers:

Written and directed by: Øystein Stene

Animation: Øyvind Tangseth

Characterdesign: Øystein Stene, Øyvind Tangseth

Backgrounddesign: Øystein Stene, Øyvind Tangseth. Photo: Øyvind Tangseth

Music: Trond Ole Paulsen

Sound: The Chimney Pot, Tormod Ringnes

Editing: Bård N. Sandnes

Character voice: Jon Øigarden

Financed by: Nfi, Fond for lyd og bilde

Produced by: Torgeir Eian, Filmatisk (2005)



Norwegian Film Institute

Dronningens gate 16

P.O.Box 482 Sentrum

NO-0105 OsloNorway


Øystein Stene and Øyvind Tangseth established the production company Klikk24 in Oslo in 1999. They kept going until 2002. In that period they made, amongst other stuff, 3 stop motion shortfilms with the character Mr. Jones -  The map, The Labyrinth and The pyramid. These films have been screened at numerous festivals. Øyvind Tangseth received an award for best animation at the 

Mr. Jones is a not very successful adventurer that probably stole his name from his big ideal, Indiana Jones. Every time he seeks an adventure, he mess it all up, and the whole trip turn out to be an absurd event. Mr Jones is a trilogy of not very pedagogic short animation films for children.

Norwegian film institute