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RÅSALT studio - animation, graphic work, photo


"Konform" (wip)

Direction, script and design: Trine Vallevik Håbjørg 

Development financed by Viken filmsenter

Production company Råsalt.

Financers for production:

The Audio and Visual Fund

Dødvekt - Dead weight

"Dødvekt" (2024)

Direction, script and design: Øyvind Tangseth. 

Script development financed by Fond for lyd og bilde.

Production company Råsalt.


Nfi; film consultant Anne Borggaard Sørensen, 

Viken filmcenter; film consultant Cecilie Stranger-Thorsen, The Audio and Visual Fund, Grafill and Råsalt

More info: Dødvekt page

Stills_Matthew02_med laureler.jpg

Matthew (2023) 

Animated documentary from Haiti concerning consequences from climate change.

Direction, script and design: Trine V Håbjørg,

Animation: T.V. Håbjørg & Ø. Tangseth

Production company: Råsalt as

Co-production company: Aldeles as

Main producer: Elin Sander. 

Financers: The Norwegian film Institute, Viken Film Center, The Audio and Visual Fund, The Western Norway Film Center, Grafill, Bergensenstiftelsen and Råsalt.

More info: Matthew page

Screenshot 2023-08-10 at 12.56.43.png

Kven si dotter er du?/Whose daughter are you? (wip) 

In 2022/2023 Øyvind worked for some months with background design on director Astrid Aakras new animated documentary. It's a personal film about her own childhood and upbringing in a remote village on the west coast of Norway.

Produced by Turid Rogne and Astrid Aakra at Big Spoon Animation

Screen Shot 2021-06-21 at 11.35.26.jpg

This is Katharine (2022)  

Director and script writer: Ida H Eldøen. 

Production company: Tagline.


In spring 2021 Råsalt worked on Idas personal film about a young girls seek for her identity. We have produced cut-out animations - replicas of well-known films and also replicas of well-known film posters. 


Nordlys/Goeksegh (2021)

Director and script-writer: Oskar Njajta Östergren

Production company: Bautafilm, Therese Högberg

Co producer: Merete Korsberg, Krystallplaneten

Pilot for animated tv-series with Sami stories for children.

Animation Råsalt, 6 min. drawn animation in tv-paint. Animation was finished in nov. 2020. Post production in feb. 2021. Premiered at TIFF junior 2021.


Rudy and the lightning monster (2019)

Directed and illustrated by Endre Skandfer, written by Endre Lund Eriksen, and produced by Merete Korsberg, Fabelfjord 2019.

Drawn animation in tv-paint by Råsalt.

Link to film:


NDLA- Råsalt produces animations and illustrations for Ndla. The National Digital Learning Area is a joint county municipal initiative between 18 county municipalities. Råsalt deliveres concepts, stories, design, animation and illustration for different subjects. Techniques: Drawn animation in tv-paint, Animate CC and Illustrator.

Some examples:


Organisational theory:

Equinor - Commisioned film for Equinor. The film was produced at Bacon and the animated sequence was directed by Kjersti Skallerud at Mikrofilm and animated by Øyvind Tangseth.

View the film here:

Kreftforeningen - Commisioned film for The Norwegian Cancer Society. The film was produced at Qvisten, directed by Rasmus Sivertsen, designed by Julie Engaas and animated by Øyvind Tangseth.

View the film here:

Norges Musikkorps Forbund (2018)

Commisioned film for the Norwegian Band Federations 100 years anniversary in 2018.

100 years history in 3 min. Concept, story, design and animation by Trine V Håbjørg and Øyvind Tangseth, Råsalt as.

View the film here:

Bergtatt/Busy (2022)

Director Jan Otto Ertesvåg from Hammerhai Studio was developing a shortfilm with beachsnails as the main actors. Development was funded by Western Norwegian Filmfund. Øyvind Tangseth worked some weeks in development together with Jan Otto with "Beachsnails" at Vigra close to Ålesund, in aug 2017 and oct 2017.

For more info:

The captain, the pilot and the fish (wip)  

Råsalt has written a story based on the characters the Captain and the Pilot.

Script developement financed by Fond for lyd og bilde 

Design: Øyvind Tangseth

Forført av spriten (2017)

stop motion intro commissioned by Fenris Film in Oslo. This documentary serie about women and alcohol abuse was screened at NRK autumn 2017.

Intro - animation, set and photo: Trine V Håbjørg and Øyvind Tangseth.

More info:

When I hear the birds sing (2016)

Pricewinning film; written, directed and produced by: Trine Vallevik Håbjørg, Råsalt. Animation: Øvind Tangseth and Trine V. Håbjørg. Design: Trine V Håbjørg. Animated short documentary (8 min) based on interviews with children in a refugee camp in Liberia.

For more info:


From the balcony (2017)

Director Ole Giæver, Production company Mer film

Øyvind Tangseth from Råsalt studio was involved in Ole Giævers film "From the balcony". Together with the animation filmmaker Julie Engaas and Astrid Aakra Øyvind made two sequences of drawn animation on paper for this film. The film premiered at The Berlin International Film Festival in feb. 2017.

More info:

View here:​

Work in progress. Animated serie "Boye and Ibipipps big, small world".  Script development funded by Fond for lyd og bilde. Trine V Håbjørg has written 4 episodes for this concept.

Karin and Laura tells stories about nasty children

Work in progress, with support from Vestnorsk filmsenter.

A new and exciting project in cooperation with Kompani Krapp (a theatre company in Bergen).

More information: http://www.kompanikrapp


The captain, the pilot and the singer (2014)

written and directed by Øyvind Tangseth, producer Turid Rogne, Aldeles. Animation: Ø. Tangseth, Tuva Synnevåg, T. Håbjørg.

7 min animated shortfilm for children, tv-paint.

For more information:


Tipp topp (2016)

Director and producer is Jan Otto Ertesvåg, Hammerhai Studio.

Øyvind Tangseth from Råsalt  was involved in the stop motion animation of the shortfilm "Tipp topp" spring 2014. The production took place at Valderøya, a small island close to Ålesund.  

More info:


Mai 2014-des 2014 Øyvind Tangseth from Råsalt Studio worked as a Maya 3D animator on the feature film "KNUTSEN & LUDVIGSEN OG DEN FÆLE RASPUTIN", produced by Torden Film. 

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